In this blog post, the aim is to cherry-pick the highlights of the project to keep our readers in the loop about the News & Updates of the last quarter.

This blog post edition is a mirror of the latest HEREWEAR newsletter (December 2021) – if you wish, you can download it in PDF here.

HEREWEAR has plenty of exciting news to share – so let’s get started!

Meet the Team

MIRTEC – in charge of developing bio-based dyeing and finishing processes and leading dissemination/impact activities of HEREWEAR

MIRTEC is a Greek company active in applied research, technological development, certification and quality control in a wide range of materials and products, including textiles and plastics.

For Herewear, it contributes to the research activities, working on the development of dyeing and finishing processes using bio-based dyes and agents. MIRTEC also explores bio-based substances as finishing agents to endow functional properties to textiles, e.g. water repellency or thermal/moisture management – so let’s dive into it!

Finipur – On its way to a more sustainable and ecological future, with a focus on functionalities.

During the HEREWEAR project, the focus will be on the application of the bio-coatings and -finishes, as well as up-scaling. Moreover, Finipur is looking forward to gaining expertise on functionalities of different biobased materials; how to test and validate materials; and how to communicate clearly to its customers and community. At Finipur the focus is on subcontracting of coating, finishing and laminating. By using these techniques, they provide functionalities to textiles and other flexible substrates.

For more information, check our blog post.

Mitwill – Sustainable textile production by networking micro-factories in Europe

The vision of Mitwill is to move the textile industry forward, especially in Europe. Mitwill‘s movement is driven by professional experience, social understanding and a network of partners ranging from universities, research institutes, textile buyers to textile producers. A collaborative combination of creativity, production and Zeitgeist mirrors the operation of Mitwill.

In HEREWEAR, Mitwill takes responsibility as fabric supplier and garment producer for corporate fashion, bringing the designs and innovative fabrics, evolving from the consortium’s partners collaboration, into a wearable shape. Representing the stakeholder’s perspective of private SMEs, Mitwill’s voice echoes the daily business perspective of small European textile companies.

To learn more about the work of Mitwill, visit our blog post.

Material Portrait Stories

The HEREWEAR sample collection brings together over 80 references of bio-based materials, showing the diversity of the landscape in this field. These samples were used to map the types of resources, transformation processes, uses, and end of life trajectories that are relevant to bio-based products and materials. By using these materials lifecycle maps to deepen the conversation with material experts and providers, the Material Portraits represent the innovation happening in areas tightly connected to the HEREWEAR mission.

The materials represented in these series show exciting opportunities for bio-based materials to improve circularity and function in local contextsTerra Denim by Maritas Textiles, Iroony by Anne and Charles Reboux, and the Expand Fibre ecosystem led by Fortum and Metsä are the first entries in this series of Material Portraits.

Learn more here.

Discover fellow Horizon 2020 funded twin projects MY-FI and the New Cotton Project

Launched last year, the EU funded twin projects (my-fiNew Cotton Project and HEREWEAR) share a common goal to develop holistic bio-based solutions for some of the fashion industry’s biggest sustainability challenges. The projects come together to share knowledge and data insights to amplify value and impact for each project and the fashion industry as a whole.

  • The mission of MY-FI is to develop a bio-based material derived from mycelium, with multiple applications in the fashion, automotive, and leather industries.
  • The New Cotton Project explores a solution for preventing cotton-rich textile waste from being wasted and using it instead to create new raw materials for the industry.

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Prof. Becky Earley discusses circular design and systems change on the panel for the premiere of the Redress Fashion documentary series

Back in June, Becky and Laetitia demonstrated the HEREWEAR material collection as part of the filming for a new documentary series about sustainable and circular fashion. The series was produced by WaterBear, a new free online platform for documentaries that relate to climate and sustainability, with a mission to change behaviours through storytelling.

On the 7th of June, the series premiered at an event in East London. The first two episodes of the three-part series were shown, followed by a panel talk. The panel offered a more in-depth perspective on how we can address the huge problems of the fashion industry as consumers but also as citizens and activists. The debate covered the small actions that we can all take to reduce carbon footprint, and the real need to address legislation and economic incentives to radically change the system. These themes are key to the work in HEREWEAR as the project covers impact reduction in production and use phases, but also takes a fully systemic view on the journey of biobased materials.

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HEREWEAR Highlights 

On Friday 3rd September Dr Laetitia Forst presented ongoing work at the Colloquium “La Mode comme Indiscipline” organized in collaboration between the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and the École Duperré, in Cerisy, Normandy.

The presentation by Laetitia focused on the crucial role of fashion and textile design methods in research for sustainable and circular fashion practices. It drew on insights from three research projects, including the HEREWEAR sample collection and early prototype work – click here to learn more.

On November 25, Herewear organized a session of the TCBL Days 2021 in cooperation with Circular Wallonia. These days focused on ingredients for textile sustainability: circular, creative, local and inclusive. The Herewear day was dedicated to “how to locally contribute to textile and clothing reuse”.

In the morning there were keynote presentations, and in the afternoon a panel discussion was organized with Walloon actors already locally reusing/repurposing textiles and clothing.

The recordings are available on the Herewear community page – watch it here.

Worth The Reading

In this section, we’d like to recommend the reading of partner articles that contribute to the enrichment of the industry that might be interesting for you.

  1. Glossary from Ellen MacArthur on Circular Economy – link.
  2. Textiles for Circular Fashion: The Logic behind Recycling Options – link.
  3. Session Strategies and Market Trends: International Conference on Cellulose Fibres 2022 – link.

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