The transformation of the fashion industry to circular practices, requires responsible, clever and creative decisions that need to be taken in every aspect of a garment’s life – from choosing the right materials, design and construction, retail and use, to finally ensure reuse and recycling. was founded with the mission to make circular design easy and accessible for brands. Also, the goal is to provide the missing infrastructure and software tools to increase the share of garments being recycled. Aligned with this mission, within the HEREWEAR project, the Circular Design Software will be enhanced with design guidelines and a decision-making feature that fosters a bio-based and local circular economy by supporting designer and product developers to make the right decisions. In addition, a digital product passport, the circularity.ID, will be further developed to include data and features that enable a bio-based local circular economy. 

Composing the team, Jonna is leading the software development (Work package  1), Luna is responsible for all topics related to material, product development and recycling (WP 5), Ina is leading the bio-based labelling of the circularity.ID and a single-sign on connection with the other partner’s software innovations to offer brands a holistic set of tools to set up for local, bio-based and circular value chains (WP 7). 


The current efforts have been around planning the software development of the decision-making feature and holding the first user-interviews that have been conducted to understand what designers wish for such a feature. In the near future, the plan is to invite partners of the community to share their feedback too, and for that, we would love to count on your support! Simultaneously, has been collaborating with partners of WP1 and WP5 to ideate what design guidelines are helpful with regards to the product development of the first prototypes.  Moreover, has joined forces with WP7 partners to align data structures and standards for product and material information that is relevant for digital twinning and so on.’s powerful and ambitious project has shown a strong potential to create a positive impact on the industry – and we look forward to sharing more progress as it continues! Stay tuned! 

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