How can mindful innovative approaches contribute to bringing URBAN and NATURE together to co-create a sustainable fashion future? 

How can we contribute to local and bold sustainable solutions with a global impact on shaping the textile world and bringing the change to urban fashionable clothes?

Tackling these questions demands collaboration and trust between partners with diverse backgrounds. Academic, applied research and industry expertise, including also small businesses like ours coming together…


It combines expertise and knowledge from several disciplines: polymer chemistry, biorefinery, bio-based raw materials, textiles value chain, recycling, design, engineering, software platforms and environmental science. 

We celebrate Diversity and Collaboration!

As part of the HEREWEAR project, Vretena will develop and pilot fashionable garment prototypes with novel sustainable bio-based materials using networked manufacturing concepts. The aim is to demonstrate the HW circular bio-based concept as an alternative to cotton and polyester made clothing. Vretena will also apply the knowledge on microfibre release for the prototype making, which will serve as best practice examples.

But before getting there, it’s fundamental to remember that the journey with HEREWEAR partner comprises research and scientific approach, understanding the intersections, early prototyping, testing and failing, and learning. It’s a unique opportunity to be part of the discussion on thoughtful new ways of working and novel structures led by the HW collaborators that include :

  • From the design for bio-based circular textiles and concepts for optimized use, upcycling, re-use and repair of bio-based textile materials to the creation of scenarios resulting in a series of bio-based material and garment concepts.
  • Touching and feeling the materials created by the HW partners and learning about yarn and fabric making, technical properties and quality of the fabrics.
  • Recycling routes according to the application and material
  • Digital tools for coordinating local small-scale (or ‘short run’) production, (e.g., Platform-supported, networked production resources) and tracking of raw materials to ensure ‘sustainable origin’ and ‘circular use’.

Ready to follow the bio-based local sustainable circular wear journey? Join the growing circular bio-based movement!

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Please contact – Denitsa Nikolova

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