MIRTEC S.A. is a Greek company active in applied research, technological development, certification and quality control in a wide range of materials and products, including textiles and plastics. MIRTEC plays a crucial role in HEREWEAR as:

First, it contributes to the research activities, working on the development of dyeing and finishing processes using bio-based dyes and agents. In this context, they aim to establish protocols for dyeing cellulosic/bio-polyester substrates with dyes of natural origin that can be applied using conventional equipment and have adequate colour resistance to washing, exposure to sunlight etc. 

MIRTEC also explores bio-based substances as finishing agents to endow functional properties to textiles, e.g. water repellency or thermal/moisture management. While the development of finishes that resist washing but remain biodegraded when accidentally released in nature is expected to be challenging, it will allow HEREWEAR to result in fully bio-based textile end-products. As soon as the HEREWEAR prototypes are ready, MIRTEC will lead the validation of their performance during the use phase. This will entail testing the prototypes according to standardised procedures, e.g. in terms of physicomechanical properties, behaviour during use, etc. 

Textile Dying

Apart from contributing to the research and development, MIRTEC leads dissemination and impact activities, aiming to ensure the successful exploitation of HEREWEAR results. To this end, they are in close collaboration with all consortium partners, in particular SOURCEBOOK, EURECAT, UAL, TCBL and CTB. Finally, MIRTEC is responsible for the quality management of the project, which involves continuous monitoring of HEREWEAR progress towards specific targets to ensure the project reaches its objectives.


If you want to learn more:

For more information:  Please contact –  Silvia Pavlidou Email: (s.pavlidou@mirtec.gr)