At Finipur the focus is on subcontracting of coating, finishing and laminating. By using these techniques, they provide functionalities to textiles and other flexible substrates.

The company has put considerable effort into investments to be more ecologically friendly. It included solar panels, water reuse and the installation of its water collection tank, bacterial and virus reducing finish, lab-scale use of different bio-based compounds and industrial use of PLA compound.

As part of the ongoing activities, Finipur invests in reducing the use of dangerous chemicals while maintaining technical functionalities, and to be first-line information on developments in the coating, finishing and laminating business. During the Herewear project, the focus will be on the application of the bio-coatings and -finishes, as well as up-scaling.

In the course of the project, Finipur is looking forward to gaining expertise on functionalities of different biobased materials; how to test and validate materials; and how to communicate clearly to its customers and community. 

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