Dear Community,

As we reflect on our journey together, we’re thrilled to share the success of our final event held on the 13th of June in Berlin. It was a memorable occasion filled with joy, learning, and camaraderie.

Thank you once again to everyone who attended and contributed to making this event a resounding success. Your participation and enthusiasm are what make the HEREWEAR community so special!

Block 1: HEREWEAR Vision

Our final event began with a warm welcome from Project Officer Anna-Karin Runemo of REA, setting an enthusiastic tone for the day. Lien Van der Schueren from Centexbel introduced the HEREWEAR Project, highlighting its innovative approach. Emma Enebog from RISE shared an inspiring vision of the future for local, biobased circular product manufacturing in the EU. Vincenzo Gente from DG ENV provided valuable insights into the European Commission’s Textile Policy, while Paraskevi Filippousi from DG R&I discussed advancements in the EC Circular Bioeconomy Textile R&I.

Block 2: HEREWEAR Project Results

In Block 2, we delved into the remarkable results of the HEREWEAR Project. Laetitia Forst from UAL presented Bio TEN, highlighting sustainable textile innovations. Jaap W. van Hal from TNO discussed advancements in biorefinery processes. Antje Ota from DITF showcased cutting-edge yarn extrusion techniques. Willem Uyttendaele from Centexbel elaborated on innovative finishing and coating methods. The session concluded with Nona Dokuzova from VRETENA and Saman Khodabandeh from MITWILL presenting impressive prototypes, demonstrating the project’s practical applications.

Block 3: HEREWEAR Community & External Projects

Jesse Marsh from TCBL introduced the HEREWEAR Community, emphasizing collaborative efforts in sustainable textiles and the importance YOU play! What followed were presentations of external projects. Kirsi Niinimäki of Aalto University presented the New Cotton project, focusing on circular textile solutions. Annalisa Moro from Mogu discussed the My-Fi project, showcasing mycelium-based fabric innovations. Frank Dingemans from De Kringwinkel shared insights into CISUTAC & PLASTICE, initiatives aimed at plastic waste reduction and circular economy practices. Tilla Kross from Textile ETP concluded with an overview of the ECOSYSTEX Community, highlighting collaborative efforts towards a sustainable textile ecosystem.

Block 4: Round Tables

What followed were 3 panel talks on the topics of circularity, local, and social.

  • ‘Circularity’ moderated by Marte Hentschel with speakers Nona Dokuzova, Freya Gardner, Kirsi Niinimäki, and Amber Bishop-Kainu.
  • ‘Local’ moderated by Jesse Marsh with speakers Saman Khodabandeh, Marte Hentschel, Annalisa Moro, and Alice Gras.
  • ‘Social’ moderated by Frédérique Thureau with speakers Anca Gheorghica, Frank Dingemans, Maria Jimenez, and Gal Benjamin.
Block 5: Future & Outro

To bring the lovely day to a close, Guy Buyle from Centexbel provided an insightful presentation on the future of T&C, emphasizing the importance of systemic change for sustainability. Frédérique Thureau from TCBL wrapped up the event with a comprehensive summary and outlined the next steps for our community and the HEREWEAR Hub, ensuring continued progress and collaboration.

If you happened to miss any of the presentations or would just like to rewatch them, you can find all the recordings on the HEREWEAR YouTube channel.