The vision of Mitwill is to move the textile industry forward, especially in Europe. Mitwill‘s movement is driven by professional experience, social understanding and a network of partners ranging from universities, research institutes, textile buyers to textile producers. A collaborative combination of creativity, production and Zeitgeist mirrors the operation of Mitwill. By applying innovation, implementing modern IT tools and setting up a state-of-art production plant, its own microfactory,  The company gives space to people from all over, allowing them to exchange and produce printed fabrics agile and effectively. Mitwill offers textile print designs, technical print files for digital fabric printers (including colour management), 3D simulations of garments and fabrics, pattern digitization, tech pack creation, digitally printed fabrics from France, conventionally printed or dyed fabrics from Europe and community face masks.

Hosting events, attending fairs, participating in European projects and bringing young creatives together, Mitwill takes a significant initiative to invest in textile trade structures, to preserve textile creativity for future generations. Thus, as Mitwill takes actions to contribute to healthy and local ecosystems, HEREWEAR is a great opportunity to follow up these even more actively. The participation in the European HEREWEAR project is seen as an honour to Mitwill. 

In HEREWEAR, Mitwill takes responsibility as fabric supplier and garment producer for corporate fashion, bringing the designs and innovative fabrics, evolving from the consortium’s partners collaboration, into a wearable shape. Representing the stakeholder’s perspective of private SMEs, Mitwill’s voice echoes the daily business perspective of small European textile companies. VSG Fashion, the partner facility of Mitwill handling the garment confection, is located in the north of Portugal and provides the project partners with essential qualitative feedback to improve yarn/fabric properties to ensure stable processes along the supply chain. As well as an experienced supplier for fabrics and corporate fashion (polo shirts), Mitwill contributes benchmark fabrics for reference supporting the design phase, fabric construction and lifecycle analysis within HEREWEAR.


Mitwill: 3D garment simulation of early prototype “Zero Waste Pinafore Dress”, designed by Vretena&Maibine

VSG Fashion: preparing pattern pieces for an early prototype pinafore dress

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