As we start 2024, and we embrace the holiday season, it’s the perfect time to look back on the achievements of the HEREWEAR project. This year has been filled with significant progress and inspiring events, all aimed at a more sustainable future. 

As we reflect on the year gone by, it’s gratifying to see how HEREWEAR has navigated the challenges and opportunities of 2023, cementing its role in creating positive impacts on the fashion and textile industries. 

Here’s a more profound look into the milestones achieved and what’s on the horizon:

HEREWEAR Project Updates

Bio-based Printing for Sustainable Fashion

Centexbel’s innovation in transforming PLA into a washable ink has set a new standard in eco-friendly textile production. This breakthrough not only challenges the traditional limitations of PLA but also opens new avenues for sustainable fashion practices.​​  🔗 Read More

Engaging Assemblies in Stuttgart and Barcelona

The General Assemblies in Stuttgart and Barcelona served as crucial platforms for knowledge exchange and strategic alignment among HEREWEAR partners. These gatherings underscored the collaborative spirit essential for pushing the boundaries of sustainable textile innovation. 🔗​​​​ Stuttgart details & Barcelona Highlights

2023 Events Recap

Experimenting with Local Making and Remaking at Heimtextil

UAL’s participation at Heimtextil brought HEREWEAR’s vision to life, demonstrating the practical applications of bio-based, circular, and local textiles. This event was a vibrant showcase of the project’s commitment to reshaping the textile industry’s approach to sustainability. 🔗 Read the full post

Showcasing the Project at the 24th International Seaweed Symposium

At the Seaweed Symposium, HEREWEAR highlighted its innovative approach to using seaweed for textile production. This presentation highlighted the project’s dedication to exploring new, sustainable materials for the fashion industry.  🔗 Discover more

HEREWEAR Community Meetups

The community meetups marked a year of substantial growth and engagement, reflecting a growing global interest in sustainable fashion. These gatherings were instrumental in fostering a sense of community among those dedicated to transforming the textile industry. 🔗 Details here.

Making Waves at the International Conference on Bio-based Textiles

The International Conference on Bio-based Textiles was a pivotal moment for HEREWEAR to showcase its commitment to eco-friendly innovations. The conference underscored the project’s influential role in shaping the future of sustainable textiles. Conference insights.

Showcased at Avantex Paris

HEREWEAR’s participation in Avantex Paris was a testament to its growing influence in the fashion industry. The event provided a unique opportunity to demonstrate the practicality and appeal of sustainable, bio-based textiles to a global audience. 🔗 Avantex Paris highlights

Presenting HEREWEAR at PLATE Conference

The PLATE conference provided a platform for HEREWEAR to discuss the sustainability and lifecycle of textiles. The event allowed the project to share insights and innovations with a wider audience, furthering the conversation on sustainable textile practices. 🔗 Conference Summary 

Collaborating in Textile Design Research at the Textile Intersections Conference

The Textile Intersections Conference offered HEREWEAR a valuable opportunity to delve into the collaborative aspects of sustainable textile design. The event was a confluence of ideas and innovations, showcasing the project’s commitment to research and development in sustainable textiles. 🔗 Read More

Fruitful Collaborations

Project partner UAL has launched its first cross-college collaborative major project for MA students in the Textile Design, Fashion Futures, and Service Design courses


The launch of the collaboration between UAL and HEREWEAR was a major step in integrating sustainable practices into the realm of education and practical application. This partnership is a promising move towards nurturing the next generation of sustainable fashion designers. 🔗 Launch details

Pecha Kucha and Roundtable Tackling the Future of Fashion

The Pecha Kucha and roundtable events provided dynamic platforms for discussing the challenges and opportunities in sustainable fashion. These events brought together diverse perspectives, highlighting the importance of collaboration in achieving a sustainable future. 🔗 Event recap

Exploring HEREWEAR Themes

This unique collaboration allowed students to deeply engage with the core themes of HEREWEAR, fostering a new wave of sustainable textile design. The projects showcased the innovative potential when sustainability principles are integrated into educational curricula. 🔗 Exploration insights

Embracing Circular Textiles

Participating in the Circular Textiles course, HEREWEAR played a key role in educating the next generation of textile professionals about circularity and sustainability. This involvement underscores HEREWEAR’s commitment to fostering knowledge and practical application in the field. 🔗 Course details.

2024: looking forward to what the year holds

Looking ahead to 2024, HEREWEAR is gearing up for its final phase, promising more innovative developments and engaging events, including a dedicated final event in Berlin. 

This year has been a testament to HEREWEAR’s commitment to transforming the textile industry through sustainable, bio-based solutions. We invite you to delve deeper into each of these milestones and join us in shaping a greener future for fashion.

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We extend our gratitude to everyone involved in making 2023 a successful year for the HEREWEAR Project.