Unlocking the profound knowledge of the textile industry is crucial for driving sustainable and innovative solutions. Recently, HEREWEAR’s twin project “New Cotton” launched a captivating course on Circular Textiles, designed to broaden circular knowledge and close industrial loops in the textile industry. HEREWEAR’s project partner, Lien Van der Scheuren (Centexbel) has contributed to the development of the course, and shared insights on HEREWEAR’s approach to the textile value chain. Our contribution to the Circular Textiles course is part of the ongoing collaboration between both HEREWEAR and New Cotton projects.

HEREWEAR contributed to Chapter 2 “Improving Textile Circularity” of the Circular Textiles Course:

HEREWEAR and the textile value chain

Lien Van der Schueren (Centexbel) presents HEREWEAR’s approach to circularity in the textile value chain. Addressing the challenges of the circular economy in the industry, HEREWEAR is on a mission to transform the sector by enabling local, circular, and bio-based textiles. Lien Van der Schueren’s presentation highlighted HEREWEAR’s commitment to creating an eco-friendly and circular fashion ecosystem.

For the complete course visit: https://circulartextiles.aalto.fi/

HEREWEAR’s participation in the textile industry course showcased its significant role in shaping a sustainable and circular fashion landscape. Through impactful collaborations, we are spearheading the introduction of bio-based and biodegradable textiles, tackling the challenges of the circular economy. This course served as a platform to highlight HEREWEAR and partners’ initiatives, spreading awareness of our work and inspiring others to join the journey towards a sustainable future. 

If you are keen to learn more about HEREWEAR and our mission, we invite you to visit our blog and explore what we’ve been up to. Let us unite to support sustainable practices in the textile industry, driving positive change for the planet and future generations.