Since we launched the Herewear/TCBL Community Meetups and Jam Sessions in 2022, our Community has grown from 50 to 150 members! Let’s grab this opportunity to catch up with each other!

This coming May 12th and 31st, HEREWEAR partner CEDECS-TCBL is organizing a new round of online Community Meetups that you won’t want to miss. These sessions offer a unique opportunity to present yourself and your activity, meet and learn about other Community members, and discuss common concerns and opportunities.

Thematic Areas

Each session is designed to be dynamic and engaging, consisting of 5-7 remote self-presentation pitches from HEREWEAR Community members, each following a common template and lasting exactly 5 minutes. After each presentation, there will be an online Q&A and discussion. We’ll schedule as many sessions as needed within the two days to give a chance to all those who sign up to present. Each session lasts a total of one hour and all of them are public, so you can invite friends and colleagues to attend in addition to meeting other Community members!

HEREWEAR Meetup 2022 by TCBL


May 12th 11.00-12.00


  • Sam Kiernan (Ebony Seed, Ireland)
  • Silviu Manole (ADR NE, Romania)
  • Ngaire Takano (consultant)
  • Frédérique Thureau (CEDECS-TCBL, France)
  • Laetitia Forst (Centre for Circular Design/UAL, UK)

May 31st 11.00-12.00


YOU! (TBA Soon)

May 31st 16.00-17.00


YOU! (TBA Soon)

If you’re passionate about fashion technology and sustainability, then this event is perfect for you. Don’t miss your chance to register for one or more session options at this link. The event is intended for members of the HEREWEAR Community, so if you haven’t already joined, you can easily do so here, preferably before your session begins. Finally, here’s the Zoom link to participate in all sessions on both dates. Specific session times will be announced a week in advance.

Join us for the May 2023 round of Community Meetups, we are more than happy to meet you!

Contact person & email address:

  • Jesse Marsh, CEDECS-TCBL (email)