In the heart of vibrant Barcelona, Spain, the HEREWEAR project partners convened for their bi-annual General Assembly, infused with a spirit of collaboration and forward-thinking. From October 17th to 18th, this pivotal meeting, graciously hosted by project partner EURECAT, became a hub of innovation and strategic planning.

Day One: Diving Deep into Progress

The Assembly’s first day was a deep dive into the substantial progress made across various work packages. Discussions spanned a wide range of topics, vital for pushing the boundaries in sustainable textile innovation:

🌱 Environmental and Social Assessment: A cornerstone of sustainable development, the partners reviewed their approaches to ensuring positive environmental and social impact.

🤝  Stakeholder Community Building and Servicing: Here, the focus was on expanding and nurturing the community involved in the HEREWEAR initiative.

💡 Innovation Management and Impact Activities: Strategies for managing innovation effectively and maximizing impact were a crucial part of the discourse.

👗 Design for Bio-Based Circular Textiles: A glimpse into the future of textiles, discussions centered around design innovations.

🔬 Biorefinery – Bio-Based Materials: Delving into the core of the project, the conversation turned to advances in bio-based materials.

🧵 Wet and Melt Spinning: A technical deep dive into the processes crucial to textile manufacturing.

🏭 Bio-Based Textile Intermediate Manufacturing: Exploring innovations in manufacturing processes for bio-based textiles.

🧥 Demonstration of Bio-Based Garment Production: Showcasing the practical applications and potential of bio-based garments.

The day concluded with an inspiring tour around the historical facilities of EURECAT, linking the rich past of textile innovation to the promising future.

Image Credits: TNO

Image Credits: TNO

Day Two: Visioning the Future

The second day was equally momentous, featuring a workshop led by our partner Sqetch. The focus was on meticulously planning the HEREWEAR final event, marking the project’s zenith in Q3 2024. As the project approaches its culmination, the excitement and anticipation among the partners were palpable.

Image Credits: TNO

Image Credits: TNO


At its core, the HEREWEAR project is a testament to European collaboration, aiming to transform the textile industry with sustainable, bio-based circular textiles. As we look forward to continued collaboration and exchange, HEREWEAR stands as a shining example of how shared visions can lead to transformative change. Here’s to shaping a more sustainable future, one innovative step at a time!


The HEREWEAR project extends heartfelt thanks to EURECAT for the seamless organization and hospitality and to all partners who contributed their insights and energy, both in person and virtually. This General Assembly was not just about sharing updates; it was a celebration of joint efforts and a reinforcement of the collective vision.