If you are new to our blog, HEREWEAR is an innovative EU project focused on bio-based textile fabrics. Recently, we had the privilege to showcase our materials at the 4th International Conference on Bio-based and Biodegradable Textiles and Plastics in Ghent, Belgium. The event provided an opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking, allowing HEREWEAR to expand its community and spread awareness about its sustainable solutions.

HEREWEAR’s bio-based textile fabrics garnered significant attention at the conference, captivating attendees with their eco-friendly and sustainable characteristics. These materials exemplify our commitment to transforming the textile industry and creating positive impacts. 

Collaborative Presentations

Ilona van Zandvoort from TNO presented the bio-refinery process employed by HEREWEAR, highlighting the transformation of waste into valuable resources. Karla Dussan from TNO discussed the textile applications of ulvan, derived from seaweed, while Willem Uyttendaele and Lien Van der Schueren from Centexbel focused on melt spinning, coating, and printing techniques for fully bio-based garments.

Credits: Centexbel

Credits: Centexbel

Credits: Centexbel

Strengthening the HEREWEAR Community

The conference provided an opportunity for HEREWEAR partners to reconnect and create new connections within the sustainable textiles’ community. By showcasing our project results and engaging with industry professionals, HEREWEAR expanded its network and reinforced its commitment to sustainable textile production.

We are proud to take part in such an insightful event. Our participation in the conference was a success, and the bio-based textile fabrics truly caught attendees’ attention. The event not only served as a place for knowledge sharing but also enabled HEREWEAR to establish meaningful connections and expand its community. Through our remarkable achievements, HEREWEAR continues to drive the adoption of sustainable practices, bringing us closer to a greener future for the textile industry. 

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