Spring-summer was a busy and productive period for the Centre for Circular Design team – our partners at UAL. At the end of March, the team successfully submitted the following deliverables: 

  • Garment Scenario Posters presented the starting point of three garment stories relating to the partner SMEs, Vretena and Mitwill
  • Application of the Design Guidelines looked at testing the applicability of the design guidelines with contributions from Mai Bine and all WP1 partners;
  • A Brief for the Guidelines involved stakeholder research to understand what content, format, and delivery criteria to fulfil in the suite of guidelines to be developed across the HEREWEAR project. 

STAY TUNED: Soon, these will be shared and tested in forthcoming HEREWEAR community channels and events, so watch this space!

In late June, the team travelled to Bilbao for the Design Research Society conference. Dr Rosie Hornbuckle presented her paper on Project Proximities: How design research addresses distance in complex collaborations which included the analysis of design methods applied in the HEREWEAR project. The team also delivered a workshop related to HEREWEAR, entitled ‘Designing the Circular Design Team’ focusing on local abundant resources and expertise. 

Professor Becky Earley has been busy spreading the word of HEREWEAR: at the FTC conference in Leeds, UK with a paper entitled ‘From Sustainable, to Circular, to Bio-Local Design: Towards Systemic Fashion Textile Design Guidelines’, and in Budapest this September at the Future Materials Conference with a Keynote speech entitled: ‘Designing Textiles for a Circular Future’, and an exhibition showcasing the Bio TEN and bio-based materials curated with Dr Laetitia Forst.

Image Credits: UAL

HEREWEAR is proud to be showcased in these impactful events. It’s also an insightful opportunity for all the attendees to learn from so many inspiring people and projects. If you’d like to be informed about upcoming events and activities that we are involved in – please follow us and subscribe to our newsletter