HEREWEAR partners have been working hard these last few months to develop the online Community
Space and define the calendar of events for the fall, and we’ve got a lot to report! If you haven’t already
signed up to the HEREWEAR Community, now’s a good time to do so – just go to the Community Space.

The planned directory of Community members has been published; all members are listed in the public
directory with their organization and social media links, while the members-only view (after login) shows
more detailed information such as roles and experience. If you were one of the “early adopters” and
presented your work at the Meet-up sessions in March, your presentation videos have now been edited;
these are being added to your profile pages as soon as we get your go-ahead. All community members
are also free to add their own videos by editing their profile page when signed in. The more information
you give on your profile page, the easier it will be for project partners and community members to connect
with you for future initiatives!

To allow for Community members to get to know each other better and discuss the issues, we’ve also set
up a discussion space on the Discord platform, to which all members are warmly invited. We’ve named it
“Sustainable Fashion” to make our topics more accessible to non-technical users on Discord who may be
interested in joining us as well. Within this space, we’ve launched three discussion channels specific to
HEREWEAR: Circular Design, Bio-based fibres, and Local production. So come and join the discussion: just
follow this link, register, and go to #start-here.

In addition, we’ll be launching a monthly series of online “Meet the Experts” sessions, building on the
contents of the Expert Talk videos currently available in through the Community Space.
The first session, to be held on Friday 21 October at 11.00 CET, will feature Lien van Der Schueren and
Willem Uyttendaele of Lead Partner Centexbel with an overview on the issue of “Bio-based Fibres”. To join,
just follow the link. We’ll pick up again in December with a session on “Local Production Ecosystems.”

November will be a special month, again linking HEREWEAR to the yearly TCBL Days events. Each
Tuesday afternoon will feature a TCBL Jam, following the same format as the Community Meetup in
March: one-hour sessions consisting of a series of 5-minutes pitches from Community members followed
by group interaction. All Community members are invited to sign up and present themselves
(use this link): we’ll again be making edited 5’ videos of each of the presentations to add to your online

The highlight for HEREWEAR in November will be a Community workshop scheduled for 23 November at
Atelier Luma in Arles, France. Atelier Luma is the research lab of the Luma Foundation, which is
supporting the development of a bioregion model based on the broad range of resources that are locally
available in the Camargue area. The workshop will explore how to connect the waste resources to the
production of pulp for threads and textiles and to reflect upon the sustainable scales for production
systems all along this process in order to support the development of a bioregion model. We will address
these issues by gathering a diversity of voices on these matters: Atelier Luma and Herewear experts in
the waste to thread transformation, together with farmers, SME’s, industrials, creatives, associations and
interest groups. For Community members unable to attend in person, we’ll be streaming the morning
talks, followed by an online discussion in the afternoon, linked to the use of natural fibres.

Atelier Luma (designed by Frank Gehry) will host the next HEREWEAR Community event 23.11.22 in Arles, France.














For all these events, stay tuned to the Community Space where we’ll be updating the
Community Meetup page, as well as the HEREWEAR social media channels where we’ll be
posting further information on each event. We’re looking forward to seeing you all and building
a new future together!

Contact person and email address:

  • Frédérique Thureau (email)
  • Jesse Marsh (email)


  • HEREWEAR Community Space (website)