For Mai Bine, it is essential to recognize the complexity of the world we live in, of our lives, and of the relations that we develop through them, as interdependency is a central value. This is the reason why they have a holistic approach in most of their projects and, even though there is a prioritization for environmental protection, they are also active in the socio-economic sphere of their community. It is not at all appropriate to focus on the economic growth and profit while neglecting the social and natural costs – approaching social problems while generating pollution, waste, and intensively using resources, harming endangered species, etc., will not contribute to a better world. 


In the same line of thought, creating green products or environmentally friendly processes or services without paying attention to the quality of life of the people involved in it, will not lead us on a good path. Mai Bine’s goal is to integrate the three dimensions: the environment, the society, and the economy – to prove that the relationships between them can be harmonized and governed by sound principles so that we can contribute to the co-creation of an ecologically sustainable, socially equitable and an economically fair global village/community.

When designing new garments, nowadays, one must bear in mind key aspects regarding performance, function, and number of wears to gain the most value during the actual use. One must also focus on how much waste the process of manufacturing releases into the landfill, or in the water in the form of microfibers – and not to mention their end-of-life. The process of design is becoming quite complex, and it requires further assistance.

Through the HEREWEAR project, together with partners like Centre for Circular Design from UAL, Circular Fashion, Vretena, and Mitwill, Mai Bine’s plans on developing a set of design guides for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and/or fashion designers whose sole purpose is mutual: a circular and sustainable garment industry. 

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