On 24 March 2022, the Centre for Circular Design hosted an online dissemination event to
showcase the progress and ideas from the first 18 months of the project. The event addressed the
challenges and opportunities for new feedstocks, production processes, design applications, and
recovery systems to support a transition to a local, circular and bio-based textile economy. Under the
themes of biobased, local, circular, and collaboration, the project partners presented a snapshot of their
approach and expertise. The lineup gave an overall view of some of the key ambitions of the project:

Part 1 – Biobased
The HEREWEAR biobased materials sample collection, Laetitia Forst, UAL
What does biobased mean in the context of HEREWEAR, Brecht Demedts, Centexbel
Part 2 – Local
Local production in HEREWEAR, Jesse Marsh, TCBL
The micro factory, Dieter Stelmach, DITF
Part 3 – Circular
From sustainable to circular, Rebecca Earley, UAL
The Circular.Fashion tool, Jonna Haeggblom, Circular.Fashion
Life Cycle Assessment and Design, Jutta Hildebrand, Rise, and Kate Goldsworthy, UAL
Part 4 – Collaboration
Digital Networks, Nataliia Kirillova, Sourcebook
Communities of designers and Users, Elvys Sandu, Maibine
Complex Collaborations, Rosie Hornbuckle, UAL

Most of the talks took the form of pre-recorded videos, but the micro-factory presentation was live from
the DITF micro-factory itself and included a demonstration of samples and equipment. A key part of the event was the intervention of the invited experts: 5 researchers from the Centre for Circular Design network who were invited to respond to the themes and challenges put forward in the talks from their own perspectives. Prof. Veronika Kapsali, Prof. Adam Thorpe, Dr. Silvia Grimaldi, Sophie Tendai Christiaens, and Gwen Cuningham each gave insightful comments on the HEREWEAR themes.

The online event was followed, the next day, by an in-person workshop in London. This was the
opportunity to touch and feel some of the samples from the HEREWEAR collection and discuss the role
of such materials in future local and circular economies.

The full online event recording can be watched on the Centre for Circular Design YouTube channel:


The HEREWEAR Materials Workshop, photograph by Laetitia Forst

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