Sourcebook GmbH operates Sqetch, a B2B online sourcing platform that supports the process for fashion brands to look for, connect to and collaborate with suppliers around the world. The platform counts on intelligent matching algorithms to ensure that brands find the right manufacturers at each step of the supply chain, for transparent and sustainable clothing production. 

In other words, here is what Sqetch does:

Complimentary formats like e-learning materials, conferences, hackathons, brokerage events as well as innovation showcases and curated exhibitions to support the “on- and offline” visibility and competitiveness of SMEs in the textile industry to innovate and grow their businesses sustainably –  and to catalyze digital and sustainable change in the fashion and textiles industry.

The key features of Sqetch are:

  • Matching algorithm connecting brands with the right suppliers
  • Supply Chain Management Tools
  • E-Learning Resources 
  • Event Management
  • Synergistic Partnerships
  • Sustainable Change Management
  • International Networking
  • Groundbreaking R&D projects

For the HEREWEAR project, Sqetch plays a crucial role in supporting activities such as stakeholder community building & servicing as well as dissemination and communication

Sqetch leads the task “software platforms for implementation” which focuses on building a networked manufacturing service that can be collaboratively used by fashion designers, brands, suppliers, and manufacturers to work on their projects. Within the project, Sqetch cooperates with Circular.Fashion, Mai Bine, and Queen of Raw on aligning their software platforms, integrating users, and pulling together their abilities to propose an innovative and performant set of digital tools making circular fashion design more accessible even to small producers.

The envisaged user flow addresses a fair share of garment production in Europe represented by relatively small but agile and innovative SMEs, well networked together, organized in a strong community, and supported by digital tools to manage their process efficiently. The target is stakeholders involved in garment design and production, as well as textile waste handling.

This holistic solution for design, production, and waste handling also allows the setting up of value chains for making circular bio-based textiles feasible and sharing resources for open innovation and collaboration.

Contact Person & Email Address:

  • Project Manager – Nataliia Kirillova (email)

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