One aim of the HEREWEAR project is to promote new materials solutions on the latest bio-based polyesters and cellulose developments. In this project, the Functional Textiles Unit of Eurecat participates in the development, at a semi-industrial scale, of emerging sustainable technologies for wet and melt spinning and their transformation into yarn and fabrics. 

In addition, the Unit of Waste, Energy, and Environmental Impact (WEEI) of Eurecat participates in tasks related to the eco-friendly enzymatic treatment for finishing innovation, together with coating and dyeing of bio-based materials. Microfibre release is significantly reduced via measures all along the textile manufacturing process.

The weaving of PLA fabric (Eurecat manufacturing facility)

During the project, garment prototypes for streetwear and corporate clothing will be produced by connecting up micro-factories, organised into regional value creation circles, or by platform-supported, networked production resources. The Technology Consultancy Unit of Eurecat, together with the WEEI Unit, will participate in tasks focused to implement a phase and end-life processing management (repair, re-use, recycle) and in the development of new sustainable business models.

Moreover, the principal role here is to also support and advise HEREWEAR partners on the application of successful innovation strategies in the design of current and new business models of each partner and to work in defining an appropriate business model for HEREWEAR as a whole. 

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