At the end of November (29–30), HEREWEAR project partners gathered for this fruitful biannual experience. This time, the edition was hosted by the project partner TNO in Petten, the Netherlands. For the ones who couldn’t make it in person, partners also participated virtually. 

The HEREWEAR consortium got together for two days to share insights on their ongoing progress in the work packages, challenges, and opportunities. The agenda was packed with insightful presentations, workshops, and a visit to TNO labs.

Day 1

After a warm welcome from the host TNO, the project partners dedicated a significant portion of the day to update each other on the progress made in the work packages. It was a great opportunity to showcase samples, ask questions, and connect in live mode.

Images credit: Becky Earley, UAL

In the afternoon, the participants had a guided tour around the TNO bio-refinery labs. On the occasion, they had the chance to visit the seaweed processing lab where seaweed is fractionated to bio-based fuels and raw materials such as cellulose, as well as the Eleanor and Fabiola™ processes where wheat straw is fractionated to cellulose.

Take a tour:




Day 2

To wrap up the General Assembly, project partners spent the morning at the beautiful Paviljoen Struin at the Dutch seaside, concluding the work package presentations and aligning on the next steps.

Image credit: Sqetch

The final joint activity was a business model workshop facilitated by project partners UAL and EURECAT, that allowed participants to brainstorm and envisage various business models relevant to the HEREWEAR project.

HEREWEAR Business Model Workshop
Image credit: Rosie Hornbuckle, UAL

The General Assembly reached a fulfilling end on the second day. The event came to an end, resulting in enriching exchanges and learning. In this unique moment, participants had the chance to learn from and inspire each other. 

To finalize, HEREWEAR would like to express our sincere gratitude to TNO for hosting this event and organizing this wonderful edition. Also, we thank our partners for joining and supporting the development of the project. 

We are very much looking forward to the collaborative results that will come in the near future.

See you in 2023!