Dear community – the TCBL Days are back!

For 2022, the focus will be on circularity, bio-based, and inclusivity. It represents the current research direction of TCBL participation in ongoing EU-funded projects, that HEREWEAR is proudly part of.

The event consists of keynotes, debates, and workshops, to be held on different occasions, led by Wintex focusing on circular design methods and innovation hubs, HEREWEAR, on local bio-based fibres and fabrics, and shemakes on creating a gender innovation ecosystem. 

Our aim is to bring the discussion on “How can a local production model with bio-based fibres and fabrics start a new bio-based value chain?”. The approach to the topic will be in the form of keynotes, presented with the first results and live stream available online on HEREWEAR YouTube and Facebook, TCBL Facebook.

Also, in the afternoon, the in-person attendees will have the opportunity to join insightful workshops supported by Luma Arles and TCBL.  Our goal is to encourage participants to cross their points of view, to think systemically, and to co-construct on these bases.

HEREWEAR’s keynote and workshop will take place on 23 November (save on your calendar) and will be available on our YouTube channel.

Concurrently, companies or labs will have the opportunity to present their work and the impact on the sustainable T&C industry, through the TCBL Jam networking sessions (8,15, 22, and 29 November)

Full Program:

Wintex, 3 november, Athens

Circular Design

Which circular design methods and tools can support academia and industry innovation hubs?

Keynote and debate. More info here.  

HERWEAR, 23 November, Arles (Atelier Luma)
Bio-based Models

How can a local production model with bio-based fibres and fabrics start a new bio-based value chain?

10-12.30: Keynotes and first results, Live stream available online on HEREWEAR YouTube and Facebook, TCBL Facebook

Intermediate results of the HEREWEAR project, which is developing an emerging textile sector based on the use of bio-sourced land and wastewater.

14-17: Workshops (in-person only)

  •  Luma Arles: general reflections on the new dynamics of the territories from their location (Camargue) and presentation of their current projects, particularly in the Mediterranean.
  • TCBL: approach to the challenges of building local, regional -multi-consumer- and European bio-based models.
shemakes, 30 November, Amsterdam (Waag textile lab)
Welcoming Differences

How can an “opportunity ecosystem” bridge today’s gender and innovation gap in the textile and clothing industry?

Keynote and workshop. More info here

TCBL Jam networking sessions
8,15, 22, 29 November

online only, 17 CET

What: 5-minute pitches to present what you, your company, or your lab is currently doing in the sustainable T&C industry.

Who can pitch: Sign up to pitch if you’ve been involved in the past in TCBL Project, shemakes, HEREWEAR, or if you’re interested in becoming a TCBL member.

Listen in: join Zoom if you’re interested in meeting “people like you” – people interested in changing the T&C industry for the better!

  • Sign up to present here.
  • Join, listen and participate here.


HEREWEAR welcomes you to be part of such an insightful opportunity. The hybrid and diffused events will provide inspiration, case studies, and opportunities to meet with people leading the way in the sector.

“Sustainability is multifaceted: there is no one-stop solution or simple recipe to make the textile, clothing and fashion industry truly sustainable right now. Real sustainability can only be achieved through a holistic vision in which all the ingredients for sustainability come together and reinforce each other.”


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