Today represents a milestone in our project that aims to shake up the biobased textile industry – and we are excited to share this special moment with you!

Why is community so essential?

We truly believe in the power of community and here is why: It gives us a sense of belonging! Community is about sharing, collaborating and growing. What matters is the mutual interests that bring us together. The sharing of knowledge, ideas, and thoughts enriches our members and drives collective and sustainable development. 

Since the beginning of the year, Herewear project partners have been reaching out to targeted industry-research-policy partnerships in specific textile and fashion districts in Europe – Antwerp (BE), Naples (IT) and Iasi (RO) – and exploring possible avenues of collaboration.

In our mission to create a positive impact in the textile industry and take greater steps towards a sustainable world, the establishment of our community allows us to get together and take us to a higher perspective.

As a reason, we are happy and proud to announce the Herewear Community! Now any individual or organization can sign up and gain access to project activities and services – so let’s get into details!

What is the Herewear Community, exactly? 

It brings together a broad range of people, businesses, associations, and institutions interested in learning about bio-based fibres, carrying out joint projects, building local and networked business ecosystems, and exploring possible impacts and policy scenarios. 

… And what makes the Herewear Community so unique?

It gives you a rich variety of opportunities – and we hand-picked the special ones:

  • Meet up and collaborate with like-minded people interested in circular textiles and fashion – connecting with one or more local bio-based business ecosystems.
  • Join innovation labs and leading-edge businesses to explore the potentials of bio-based fibres.
  • Experiment with our bio-based fibres, yarns and fabrics for your textile product, with support and training from Herewear partners.
  • Build your own digitised and networking textile micro-factory.
  • Learn about circular design and production techniques. 
  • Team up with designers, brands and producers for your business projects.
  • Gain access to a database of bio-based fibres, textiles, and processes.
  • Explore how the circularity.ID labelling can provide credibility for your bio-based products.

The Herewear community brings a special opportunity for internal/ external development and growth. The benefits are numerous, and it only takes you few clicks to become a member. Don’t be left behind – click here to be part of our community and let’s join forces in our goal to transform the textile industry.

If you want to learn more:

For more information:  Please contact – Frédérique Thureau, CEDECS-TCBL, email: