Centexbel is the scientific and technical centre for the Belgian Textile and Plastics industry. Its activities are focused on research, testing and other services to the industry (eg certification). Centexbel works closely together with the industry and knows the needs of its member companies very well. 

The R&D focus of Centexbel is on some well-selected strategic subjects, which include (i) extrusion processes and related polymer formulation (incl. biopolymers); (ii) finishing and coating of textiles; (iii) recycling of textiles and polymers; (iv) processing into (3D) textile structures via weaving, knitting and braiding. Centexbel has a strong interest in European collaboration. The activities are typically funded by private entities as well as national and international agencies. 

Centexbel is the proud coordinator of the HEREWEAR project and is on the research side mainly involved in the filament extrusion of bio-based polyesters and the application of bio-based finishes and coatings.  

Learn more on https://www.centexbel.be or contact Lien Van der Schueren (lsc@centexbel.be) or Guy Buyle (gbu@centexbel.be).

Image Credit: Centexbel