The Herewear team have kicked off the project with a review of the field of biomaterials, collecting evidence of key innovation in this area in a sample collection. 

To better understand the field of biomaterial innovation in which the Herewear work is situated, a practical review of existing materials is spearheading the research. We have reached out to the community by calling for contributions to the sample collection, drawing together perspectives from commercial material suppliers, startup innovators, and experimental designer makers.

We probe multiple dimensions of the biomaterials examples, from the feedstock, processes and technological development of a material, to the way it can be treated at the end of life. The collection will provide the basis to develop guidelines for circular design with biomaterials. The internal reporting on this phase of the project will be completed in June 2021, and disseminated in various forms (academic papers, blog posts, …) shortly after.  

The call to contribute materials to this growing collection is still open. If you are a biomaterial maker, designer, supplier, etc., in particular in the field of regenerated biomaterials and textiles, but also in connected areas of this field, we want to hear from you. 

Email to tell us about your material and how you can be part of this review.

Image Credit: Sagelore, Sage leather by Laura Anne Salter, Photograph by Becky Earley