Dear all,

Let’s celebrate the future of textiles at the HEREWEAR grand finale!

Join us as we mark the conclusion of our four-year journey towards creating sustainable, local, and bio-based textile solutions. Innovative ideas will be on display through an interactive exhibition, and we warmly invite you to engage in enlightening discussions with our project experts. Wrap up the day with a networking celebration that connects like minds and sparks future collaborations.

Agenda – Partners & Speakers

10:30 HEREWEAR Vision

  • Intro by Project Officer (Anna-Karin Runemo, REA)
  • Intro HEREWEAR Project (Lien Van der Schueren, Centexbel)
  • ‘Future vision of local, biobased circular products manufacturing in EU’ (Emma Enebog, RISE)
  • ‘EC Textile Policy’ (Vincenzo Gente, DG ENV)
  • ‘EC Circular Bioeconomy Textile R&I’ (Paraskevi Filippousi, DG R&I)

11:50 Coffee break

12:20 HEREWEAR Project Results

  • Intro to value chain (Lien Van der Schueren, Centexbel)
  • Bio TEN (Rebecca Earley, UAL)
  • Biorefinery (Jaap W. van Hal, TNO)
  • Yarn Extrusion (Antje Ota, DITF)
  • Finishing & coating (Willem Uyttendaele, Centexbel)
  • Presentation prototypes
  • (Nona Dokuzova, VRETENA & Saman Khodabandeh, MITWILL)

13:30 Lunch

14:30 HEREWEAR Community & External Projects

  • HEREWEAR Community (Jesse Marsh, TCBL)
  • New Cotton (Kirsi Niinimäki, Aalto University
  • My-Fi (Annalisa Moro, Mogu)
  • CISUTAC & PLASTICE (Frank Dingemans, Kringwinkel)
  • ECOSYSTEX Community (Tilla Kross, Textile ETP)

15:30 Coffee break

15:50 Round tables

  • Circularity (moderator: Marte Hentschel, Sqetch)
  • Vretena (Nona Dokuzova)
  • (Freya Gardner)
  • New Cotton (Kirsi Niinimäki)
  • Natural Indigo (Amber Bishop-Kainu)
  • Local Manufacturing (moderator: Jesse Marsh, TCBL)
  • MITWILL (Saman Khodabandeh)
  • Sqetch (Marte Hentschel)
  • My-Fi (Annalisa Moro)
  • Hall Couture (Alice Gras)
  • Social (moderator: Frédérique Thureau, TCBL)
  • MAIBINE (Anca Gheorghica)
  • Kringwinkel (Frank Dingemans)
  • Makers Unite (Maria Jimenez)
  • IFM (Gal Benjamin)

17:40 Future & Outro

  • The future of T&C systemic change (Guy Buyle, Centexbel)
  • Wrap up and next steps (Frédérique Thureau, TCBL)

18:00 Networking drinks

Key Information

📍 Where? Bikini Berlin (Budapester Strasse 38-50, 10787 Berlin, Germany)

📅 When? 13 June, 2024 10:00–20:00

🚌 Closest statioon: S+U Zoologischer Garten train/subway station

Can’t attend? Watch it online

📺 You can also watch it online through the HEREWEAR YouTube channel