In the context of our research in the Textile and Clothing sector, HEREWEAR, a Horizon 2020 project, and the TCBL Association network are pleased to present the online talks Flip Fashion: How to change the fashion industry through bioeconomy, production and social ecosystems on April 9, 10 and 11, 2024.

The Flip Fashion talks are satellite events of the New European Bauhaus Festival 2024 (see the official page here), which celebrates the New European Bauhaus initiative of the European Commission. The EU’s mission on NEB supports the European Green Deal’s transition towards sustainability through beauty, creativity and inclusivity which is achieved through research and innovation.

  • Watch the NEB festival promo video here

Our Satellite event consists of three online sessions that aim to “flip fashion” – our thinking about it and how we create it – upside down to bring novel perspectives for radical change in the sector. 

Join us as our speakers present and debate about three themes that are our constant research interests: bioregional models, production scenarios, and community engagement. 

Here is the full schedule.

9 April, 17:00 -18:30 CET / Bioregional models

This session will start with an inspirational talk on connecting nature with the textile sector by Mariangela Lavanga (Erasmus University). To follow, Samuel Rodriguez from Eurecat, a Herewear partner, will share innovation on natural finishings, Lea Topan from Leality will talk about innovative textiles for health, and Maria Antonietta Sbordone from University Luigi Vanvitelli will speak on connecting “farm to clothes”. The debate will be moderated by Jesse Marsh (TCBL).

10 April, 17:00 -18:30 / Production scenarios

We’ll kick off with a talk about developing local and inclusive manufacturing by Annick Jehanne (Fashion Green Hub). Herewear partner DITF in the person of Dieter Stellmach will share some of their innovative work on microfactories. 

ZSofia Antaloczy from the Moholy Nagy Art and Design University will talk about repurposing polyamide, Adrian Hill from OSMOS will speak about city re-industrialisation, and finally we’ll hear about the concept of Personalised Couture from Ravonn Gallery Arts et Mode. The debate will be moderated by Frédérique Thureau (TCBL).

11 April, 17:00 -18:30 / Community engagement

From her experience in Fashion Revolution Greece, Fiori Zafeiropolou will speak about fashion activist communities. We’ll look at innovation through revisiting local traditions with Miguel Barbot of Saber Fazer, creating community through fashion and upcycling with Debora Florio (Biofashionlab and Remake), Anca Gheorgica from Cuib/Redu will speak on re-use and upcycling, and finally we will look at enabling social integration with Jocelyn Meire at FASK. The debate will be moderated by Elvys Sandu (Mai bine).