Participating in the uptake of a new bio-based, local, and circular sector

In 2015, TCBL  started to help rebuild some natural value chains in Europe, first cotton, then hemp, and linen. The revitalization of these value chains was achieved through encouraging more direct connections amongst producers, as well as between them, their distributors, and their final consumers. The intention is to create more personalized relationships and interactions that will contribute to a better understanding of market demands by producers and the enrichment of the consumers’ knowledge of the value and origin of the products they purchase.

As partners of the HEREWAR project, we believe that the same can happen in the bio-based textile sector, using biomass and algae with recycled polyester to contribute to making textile production a better world. We are aiming to create paths between the Consortium and external communities, that will be testbeds for the Herewear innovations and bring useful feedback to help the sector scale up and across.

TCBL Textile & Clothing Business Labs builds a multi-faceted business ecosystem of sector companies, innovation labs, service providers, and advisors working together to transform the textile and apparel industry. The common objective is to build alternative, circular and sustainable paths to counteract the current trends to overproduction and decrease in value. CEDECS-TCBL SAS is the company servicing and representing the TCBL network in all European projects.


Image Credits: Gullo Filati, Palermo

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