Industrial partner

CEDECS-TCBL SAS is a French consultancy supporting innovation and business development. It was founded in Paris in 1987 as an IT start-up specialised in e-learning solutions for SMEs.It moved to Le Mans in 1997. Since 2004 CEDECS is working mainly for European Textile-Clothing R&D projects dealing with R&D roadmaps, the Textile European Technology Platform, HR knowledge and know-how capture, valorization and transfer, training and sustainable development. CEDECS worked for IFTH (Institut Français du Textile Habillement) until 2012 and works since then with a wide network of European and Mediterranean Textile and Clothing actors and is also involved in coaching start-up entrepreneurs in various fields and countries.
In March 2020 CEDECS Ltd became CEDECS-TCBL SAS to develop, with new shareholders, the commercial exploitation of TCBL (tcbl.eu), its platform and its network of more than 50 Labs, acting as Hubs for more than 250 Textile and Clothing SMEs involved in innovative and sustainable T&C business models and solutions development.

16 rue du DR LEROY, FR 72000 LE MANS
Tel: +33 622193690