Vreteno UG, Germany
Industrial partner

Vretena is a new Germany-based, innovative and family-owned sustainable fashion brand.
Vretena follows an integrated approach to circularity. With nature in mind as the ultimate source of inspiration, Vretena strives to create high quality garments that are designed, manufactured and consumed with a sense of circularity and environmental responsibility. The styles are authentic and made out of pure inspiration, designed to complement each other.
The family behind Vretena combines three main pillars in the brand’s core ethos, which are essential for their vision of the future: the synergy of Urban, Nature and Innovation. „Urban“ describes the people in our technological era, our progress and accessibility to information, but also cultural diversity and social engagement. „Nature“ is the ultimate source of inspiration and the brand thrives in its example. Through Innovation, Vretena believes we can bring Urban and Nature together in a sustainable, balanced way that is beneficial to all.

Vreteno UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Sandbergstraße 73
64285 Darmstadt